Our Mission

Help LGBTQIA+ students, families, and professionals feel safe, welcome, and supported in Lawrence area schools.

Why are inclusive, safe, & healthy spaces Important?















What are the characteristics of inclusive, safe, & healthy schools?

Creating Positive, Healthy, & Inclusive Spaces 

Research overwhelming supports the importance of surrounding children with positive, healthy, and inclusive environments.  This occurs through acceptance, education, and equity focused policies, practices, and resources.  Rainbow Kids & Families partners with regional schools and teachers and parents to accomplish these objectives. Click Here to sign up for resources.

We are all shaped by how we are raised and if something is new or different to a parent, it can seem scary at first.  Healthy parenting is providing love, support, while seeking info, when facing these unchartered territories. Rainbow Kids & Families provides families with resources and opportunities to connect with other parents and caregivers. Click here to sign up for parent support.